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hi guys
leaving some points here for commisions or just for support would be great!
i'll edit falling effects like the sakura effect
create mouth motions
and make camera motions for you.

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Artist | Hobbyist
Hi roosjuh here, but you can call me roos ^^
I joined deviantart cause i wanted to learn more about mmd ( mikumikudance )
i now make ( edit ) effects, do artworks , camera and other motions and i am constantly learning more about model making.

After a year of thinking it all over i finally started with my utau project.
my utau is a humanoid persocom called kuroha rozari and she is mostly in a red, black & white outfit.
she also has a rose covering one of her eyes.
not cause she misses an eye but she has 2 different color eyes, one is red and the other is blue ( the rose covers the blue eye ).

About me:
Well for who didnt know, i'm female.
i live in the netherlands
my hobbies are MMD, digital art, drawing and reptiles
i have the worlds most amazing fiance and a beautifull baby girl
We also have 2 cats, 1 black and white ragdoll x mainecoon mix named kitty and 1 black european shorthair named bliksem ( thats dutch for lightning )

feel free to ask me anything, i will reply on mostly everything if it's not to crazy.
you can also follow me on youtube :…

stamps of real life stuff
I love Leopard Geckos by WishmasterAlchemist I am Dutch - Stamp by MikkoToivonen Stamp: DW, BH by 8manderz8 Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Stamp - Love my K9 by MauserGirl .:SRQ:. Stamp - I Love Persian Cats. by Knob-Gecko . Drawing is living stamp . by TheArta True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys I talk to my pet Stamp by Stamp221 Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Japan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9 I love Malinois by WishmasterAlchemist German Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudrat

stamps of anime i like ^^

Clannad After Story OP Stamp by currry Chobits Stamp .:Animated:. by Kn0p3XX MMPPP animated stamp 001 by hanakt [Stamp] Rias Gremory by Forsakengamer Suigintou Stamp by Fennikusu Ikaros alpha - stamp by xXSTEFIXx sailor moon two by pandalovesmilk Stamp - Amnesia by MiaKa-CiD
::Stamp:: Ukyo by MichiKaii -Stamp / Elfen Lied. by PrettyHappySTAMPS Stamp Mirai Nikki by MisakiAmour You're safe by xRounax
NicoMaki Stamp by ragnarok6354 Stamp: Tomoe I by Infell
Akame Ga Kill - Akame Stamp by She-Kaiju Soushi Miketsukami Stamp by Natzabel Miketsukami Stamp by MisakiAmour Tyrant Falls In Love stamp by ryuchan

mmd, vocaloid and utau ^^
I love MMD (MikuMikuDance) by DS-DNA Vocaloid stamp by DS-DNA Vocaloid Stamp - Yuzuki Yukari Type. Movement by FakeTsuki Gahata Meiji Stamp by CyberDreamer25 :IA Stamp: by Kurai-Kogami24 SeeU stamp by HystericDesigns Gumi Difficult Love Stamp by Kairui-chan Hatsune Stamp by ffz3 yowane haku stamp by wolftwins Stamp Teto Kasane II by Ine-ko +Lily Stamp+ by PrincessLouise Music In Miku by azianwolfdoll Small Mozaik Role Stamp by xMizzPrettyx Miku Kissu Kissu by azianwolfdoll Namine Ritsu Stamp by AliceShion Stamp-Makune Hachi by ochidpokemontrainer UTAU stamp by MagicalPouchOfMagic

What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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so yea ... i have been away for a while and A LOT less active. didnt make a single video or effect edit in a while. that of course because of a wonderfull reason and that is that on the 31st of may my little girl was born ^^ 
she is a very healthy and happy girl and grows really well. for a little girl who was born 3 weeks early she is actually ahead of others her age. we named our little girl Zoey and named her middle name Maria after my fiance's grandmother who died on the day my daughter was born ( not in the same year ) and after my mother who's middle name is also Maria.
so from now on i will stay less active but i will not disappear. i will continue to do edits and share stages with all of you but most important to me is spending time with my wonderfull little princess. i hope all of you will understand and thank you so much for your support and watching me 
Lately i have been bothered by the lack of respect in the MMDC.
Everyone only wants so have and to take, doing whatever they like with whatever they downloaded ... cause hey .. they downloaded it so it is their belonging, right?
Behind every download there is someone who worked really hard and put their time in it to making the item you downloaded.
Naturally this comes with a set of rules like: give credit, no r18, do not redestribute... ect.
How hard is it to follow these simple rules ?
I see stages being shared with passwords when the uploader says do not share the pass, videos being stolen or taken from niconico when they clearly say to not reprint the video, models with passwords being posted against the rules, uncredited items in videos and pictures and last but not least ... so many naked TDA models doing r18 things that i wont say outloud cause of my younger followers.

Why am i posting this?
Well today i stumbled on a picture of a naked TDA luka and miku ''getting busy with it'' 
I gave a comment on this picture to inform the user that TDA doesn't allow this type of use and i actually got told of by this person cause they didnt care.
People like this do not realize that they are the reason that downloads get taken down never to be enjoyed again.
Users like this ruin everything for the people wanting to enjoy these models/stages/motions/effects.

Even i am wondering if i should still share stages or make effect edits, models, motions and camera's.
So many times when i share something i find it back on youtube saying i made it when i clearly post the creator on everything that i share, all you gotta do is read.
So many times i see edits of mine being edited when i clearly say don't do that, make your own.
So many times when i watch a video on youtube i see stuff i made and i have to ask for credit when it's a rule to begin with.

Is it really that hard to read?
Does it hurt you if you give credit to the person who made what you enjoy so much?

The rules are there for a reason guys, come on!
Sure you can make a mistake, no problem even i do that.
Sometimes you had something for such a long time that you just don't remember who to credit, it happens.
But almost every file has a read me, just read it or when it doesnt, just give credit to the owner but say you don't remember who it is.
And last but not least, Don't steal others hard work.
There are so many channels that take credit for videos they didn't do 
It even happened to my cheaters endroll video ( when looking back isn't even that good or anything lol, i admit 2 years ago me sucked with mmd XD )
Just learn how to use the program and grow as you use it, that most be more fun then just taking something from someone else just to get views.

What am i saying with all of this?
Lets have some fun again in the MMDC instead of fighting each other.
no matter if it's FNAF, vocaloid, yansim or whatever, we all like using the same program and that should connect us, not devide us.
Respect what you use and if you can't agree with the rules, make it yourself but don't download or use it if you won't respect te creator.

ok ...ok ... i'm breathing again ... rant over 



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LexiaX3 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Are request closed?
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i have never had them open lol 
what is it what you like to request?
if it is something small i might have some time to do it in between projects
LexiaX3 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Can U Make Me A MMD FNAF OC I'll Give U Parts
roosjuh14290 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
oh i have no experiance with fnaf, i am so sorry but i think that project might be a little to big for me with what i have going on at the moment.
there is a free mmd help page here on deviantart though, usually there is always someone willing to help out there ;)
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Happy birthday!!
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thanks fanboying gazelle nyahh 
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Happy Birthday!Miku Love [V1] 
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